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How Escrow Works

Custodian Escrow protects buyers and suppliers.
Important: Please read our important Escrow Security Tips

Custodian Escrow is an independent online trust account providing financial protection for both buyer and supplier. All funds are held with a stable top tier bank under the custody of Custodian Trust who receive, hold and release the funds on behalf of Custodian Escrow.

How the Transaction Process Works

1. Either the buyer or supplier can create a Custodian Escrow escrow transaction. Firstly, register your details at (or log in directly to if you are already registered). Registration is free of charge.
2. Click on 'Create new transaction' button (located under the About Us/Contact Us tabs)
3. Select your role in the transaction , either a buyer or supplier.
4. Enter the transaction details e.g. a description of the requested goods or service, all terms and conditions including the agreed inspection period and shipping arrangements and upload any contracts, files or documents (if applicable) that relate to the transaction. We recommend you note and upload as much relevant information for the transaction as possible as this will provide transparency and clear expectations for both parties. All information entered for the transaction is held as a permanent record for both parties.
5. Confirm transaction details which will then automatically send an invitation email to the other party.
6. The other party will receive an email invitation and choose to either accept or decline the transaction.
7. If the transaction is accepted then the buyer will be notified via email to log in to, then go to 'My Custodian Escrow' and select the relevant transaction and follow the payment instructions. Transaction details can be viewed at any time by logging in to and clicking on 'My Custodian Escrow'.
8. Once the funds have been received at Custodian Escrow (bank account), under the custody of Custodian Trust then an email will be sent to both the buyer and supplier confirming that funds are held in Custodian Escrow escrow. The supplier will also be advised when they can proceed to deliver/ship the requested goods and services. As additional verification that funds are held with we also advise both parties to log in to, go to 'My Custodian Escrow' and ensure that the status of the transaction shows 'Funds in Escrow'.
9. Once the requested goods or services have been received by the buyer and the agreed contract terms are met then the buyer logs in to www.custodianescrow, clicks on 'My Custodian Escrow' and selects the relevant transaction and then chooses to 'Release funds' which will advise Custodian Escrow, via Custodian Trust, to release the funds to the supplier's nominated bank account.
NOTE: Funds held in escrow can only be released to the supplier once they are cleared, by being held under the custody of Custodian Trust for a minimum of 3 working days from the date they are received by Custodian Escrow.
10. Custodian Escrow will send an email to both the buyer and supplier to advise the release of funds will be processed and deposited to the supplier's nominated bank account. The transaction is now complete.

When can you use Custodian Escrow?

Custodian Escrow is used as an online payment gateway whenever funds are requested when buying goods or services. You can use Custodian Escrow for a wide range of purposes e.g. building, renovations, private property sales, business sales, vehicles, machinery, art, antiques, general goods and services.

Examples of some of the Custodian Escrow transactions completed to date include; motor vehicles, home furnishings, online auction goods, commercial machinery, domain names, motor cycles, building a new home, home renovations, business assets, landscaping, air conditioning units and trade services. Refer to our home page, click on one of the six categories for a more comprehensive list of usage.


From Suppliers:
"Awesome service and great friendly helpful staff. Made for an easy smooth transaction. Highly recommend Custodian Escrow to everyone. I would sincerely like to thank Custodian Escrow once more, for helping to make my transaction, a most reassuring and safe process."
- Karen,Costa Rica (transaction for sale of Beatles memorabilia to US based buyer)

"Custodian Escrow offers truly independent third party payment a reasonable cost! Your service is reliable, easy to use and sorely needed in the building industry. Our business is built around trust - and Custodian Escrow payment protection reinforces that trust." - Eugene , Licensor, UK (transactions for building projects)

"I found the system to be excellent and the service to be top notch. Overall the process was smooth, efficient and confidence inspiring. I would not hesitate to use your service again or to recommend it to others." - Tim, Germany (transaction for domain name sale)

"I couldn't have asked for a better service. Custodian Escrow provided easy to understand explanations when carrying out our first Escrow transaction. Custodian Escrow did more than was expected to facilitate the whole process." - Grant, New York (transaction for domain name sale)

From Buyers:
"Thank you Custodian Escrow. My son bought some land and agreed a fixed price with a developer to build him a house. The builder insisted on an immediate deposit of $45,000.00. It concerned me that he was so insistent. My son was going to give him the money in order to commence the process. I insisted that he should deposit the money with Custodian Escrow. After three months of limited action it was discovered that the builder was suffering financial difficulties. Fortunately we were able to retrieve the deposit as it was held in trust with Custodian Escrow. What a relief! Thank you. Your service was much appreciated." - Patrick, Lisboa

"I just wanted to thank the staff at Custodian Escrow for their assistance and great communication skills. We have had a few problems dealing with our contractor and it was great to know that our money was safe in Custodian Escrow so that we had the power to be able to demand that the work be finished properly and within a reasonable time. Your staff and company are excellent in providing a great service for clients dealing with contractors. Thank you again for all your help." - Donna, Wellington (transaction for home renovations)

"Custodian Escrow, and the customer support staff in particular, were extremely pleasant to deal with and helpful in closing the transaction. Would definitely recommend!" - Eileen, USA (transaction for domain name purchase)

"I found out the deal was a scam and thanks to you guys it didn't proceed because the seller would have been found out. I will have no hesitation in recommending and using your service again." - Ross, Munchen (transaction for online auction mountain bike purchase)

"I was quite impressed by Custodian Escrow's customer support and the quick response you provided to my inquiry. I work in an information security role so you'll understand that I'm risk adverse and always careful when transacting on the internet. This was my first time transacting with this seller and their use of the Custodian Escrow escrow service certainly made me more comfortable undertaking a long duration transaction with them. I expect that both buyers and sellers involved in high value, long duration or 'sight unseen' purchasers will find Custodian Escrow a valuable service. I found the web site easy to use, very professional looking, and with some good security features. I was interested to see the HTTPS is used to secure the user's session with the entire Custodian Escrow web site, and not just when registering or after logging in. The password strength indicator is also a good touch as I think many people are not aware of how to construct a strong password." - Paul, Belize City

"Very easy to use Custodian Escrow and I felt like my money was secure with a third party until my Ikea purchase had arrived in NZ (from Australia) and was ready to be paid for, which is when Custodian Escrowreleased my payment." - Tracey, Sydney (transaction for online household goods purchase)

"Thank you Custodian Escrow - a really easy and safe way of transferring money." Tanya (transaction for online household goods purchase)

"I thought this was a great system especially as the supplier was relatively new and did not always respond to my emails. It made me feel secure." - Judy, Auckland (transaction for online household goods purchase)

"Web site was easy to use and made the whole transaction process painless." - Penelope, Singapore (transaction for online household goods purchase)

Escrow - what does it mean?

Escrow applies when two parties are transacting in goods or services. Money is paid to an independent third party and held until the supplier/seller has delivered the goods or services and met the agreed contract terms. In the case of Custodian Escrow all funds are held under the custody of Custodian Trust in a top tier bank account. The online approval by the buyer/customer acknowledging the acceptance of the goods or services and contract terms triggers payment to the supplier/seller.

Custodian Escrow is an independent online trust account that benefits both the buyer and supplier in a transaction. There is no bias towards either party in a transaction therefore impartiality is assured. An escrow service can provide huge value for a small fee. Escrow services are common place in nearly all real estate transactions in the US.

For further information refer to our FAQs >>

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